Your new roof from Shingles Roofing
will not only look wonderful,
it will be top-notch quality

Until you need your roof repaired or replaced, it probably has not been the focus of your attention. There are roofing styles and roofing materials in varying colors and different materials for both aesthetic purposes as well as specialty roofing to address specific needs. We’ll bring along an assortment from which you may choose and we’ll happily suggest things best suited for your home.

We offer quality roofing materials from GAF and Atlas. GAF products are made in nearby Ennis and offer a wide range of handsome and innovative roofing materials. Manufactured in Daingerfield, Texas are ATLAS PRISTINE SHINGLES with Scotchgard by 3m shingles designed to resist algae formations, which commonly occur on some homes due to humidity and other specific conditions. 
We also are environmentally minded- we recycle composition roofing materials with a local facility, where it’s ground up for road material ingredients. More roofs are replaced yearly in North Texas and Oklahoma than in any other place in the world. This material is probably in roads you drive on daily!