Energy Efficiency


The things we can do to protect your wallet and
Make even an older home to be more energy efficient.

Shingles Roofing recommends what will be best to cool your home and help your attic components run more efficiently. We will make recommendations that are appropriate for your home and allow you to decide what is best for both your home and your budget

Solar Attic Fans are a necessity in north Texas. Attics in the area can reach temperatures in excess of 160 degrees, causing your A/C to work harder, run longer with few intermissions. Solar attic fans protect your expensive attic assets, components and structure. There are tax credits for implentation of solar attic fans as well.. talk to us to learn more as each home’s needs are different!

Our insulated Attic Stair Cover prevents the warmer attic air from pushing into your home and making your air conditioner work harder than needed. $199 installed.

For a free inspection and recommendations on making your home more energy-efficient, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page or call 214-729-8429.